Yoga & More “temple of the senses”

“Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have” ~Hyman Schachtel~

I don’t think I’m the only one who experiences a yearning for satisfaction that ultimately seems unattainable. I used to believe that personal and professional success would fulfil the feeling of inner emptiness; that achieving my heart desires would bring me happiness. Just like a kid tearing open a Christmas present and screaming “I said I wanted GTA 5, not 4!!!”, I’ve found myself continuously dissatisfied with what I have and always wanting more. Somewhere in my life I must have taken a wrong turn. The advertisement promised me utopia, but all I got was a $50 tub of face cream to cover over my ‘worry lines’.


Alright, so maybe I’m not a good case example of having achieved ‘personal and professional success’, but you don’t need to look too hard to find people we aspire to be who are unhappy in their own lives. Just think of the terminally miserable Morrissey, surely if I was him, wouldn’t I be happy? Or the numerous celebrities and wealthy people who struggle with drug addiction, broken relationships and depression. The problem is, even though I understand it’s futile to expect happiness is only a few hundred thousand dollars away (and then some), I don´t know how to ‘want’ what I already have.

So now what?

Ferri Djabbari understands this emotional predicament. He understands it so well in fact that he offers an opportunity to escape the vicious circle and the feeling of restlessness, inner emptiness and dissatisfaction. In 2008, Ferri and his colleagues opened Yoga & More with the conviction that Yoga helps people learn how to find the value in themselves and not be dependent on external factors. In other words, finding happiness and fulfilment in what you have… or more accurately, in what you ARE.

Yoga & More or the “temple of the senses” as it has been described, is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany. Here you’ll be guided in reaching a “state of calmness and tranquillity and experience acceptance of what is”. It offers a spa area and spaces to relax and meditate and a range of carefully selected, quality items that help bring the body and soul into harmony. And no, I’m not talking about audio CDs of soothing whale sounds.

But Yoga is not just a spiritual experience, it also offers health benefits. If you go along to Yoga & More, you can also take part in one of their “Yoga Barre Fusion” sessions and experience our ballet barres. We provided the centre with our MAURICE portable ballet barres and ARABESQUE-DOUBLE wall mounted barres and with their smooth natural wooden beams, we think they’ve added some sensuality to the “temple of the senses”.

So why not try them? Get yourself over there and be advised by friendly and knowledgeable professionals or just enjoy the atmosphere in the lounge with a nice cup of tea and a chat. Remember, Yoga doesn’t mean a disconnection from the world, but rather a deeper understanding of it through the individual.

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