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Home portable ballet barre Prima

The Prima ballet barre is designed so that dancers of all ages and sizes can start practising ballet in the comfort of their own home. The Prima is both light enough so that you can move it easily from one room to another and stable enough for you to practise your battement fondu freely.

Barra de ballet para uso doméstico PRIMA

Barra de ballet para uso doméstico PRIMA

Your portable at-home ballet barre

Weighing just 17 kilos, the Prima is our lightest freestanding barre. It’s easy to move it around your home to practise in different rooms, and you can store it away when you finish your training, although its smooth lines and elegant design make for a lovely addition to any home decor.

Home portable ballet barre Prima

Minimalist design made with professional materials

The Prima is built with the same quality materials we use for our professional barres. The bases and uprights are made of steel, with finishes of silver epoxy to best protect against bumps and scratches.

The wooden beam, made of Southern yellow pine, which attaches with screws directly onto the plates of the uprights, provides a lovely feel and a perfect grip. The Prima is the most affordable portable barre in our collection, and we guarantee you will enjoy plenty of years of use with it. The wooden bar is available in three lengths: 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m.

Home portable ballet barre Prima

Within five minutes you’ll be enjoying it

The Prima is in more homes than any other of the ballet barres in our collection. If you would like us to deliver it to you, you can purchase it in our online shop. All you need is a screwdriver and the Allen key you’ll find in the box to assemble the Prima quickly and easily in order to get started enjoying your at-home ballet practice. 

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SKU code:

  • 100 cm: 30591324 
  • 150 cm: 30591322 
  • 200 cm: 30591321

Materials: Hammered gray steel feet. Silver color steel column and upright.


  • L 100 cm: 15,5 kg 
  • L 150 cm: 16,0 kg 
  • L 200 cm: 16,5 kg

Wooden beam: 1 unit | Ø: 40mm | L: 100cm, 150cm or 200cm | Yellow pine

Screws and tools:

  • DIN 7991 M-10 x 40 mm x2
  • DIN 7505A M-4,5 × 20mm x8 
  • Allen 6mm x1
Barra de ballet de iniciación Prima

You have 5 elements: 2 bases, 2 uprights and 1 wooden bar. You should first mount the columns on the bases (A), then place the wooden bar on the plates and finally attach the 4 screws to the wooden bar (B).

Instrucción Prima

1. Lay the steel upright on one side. Attach the base into the upright with the bolt and tighten with the Allen key provided. Tighten from the back of the base, the side that will rest on the floor and have the protections. Repeat the process with the second column.

Instrucción Prima

2. Once the uprights are fixed to the bases, stand them vertically and place the wooden bar so that the holes in the bar align with the holes in the uprights. Repeat the process in the second column. Fix the bar to the uprights as tightly as possible with the screws provided.

When moving the barre, ensure it is lifted off the floor and not dragged. This will prevent damage to your floor and to the rubber stoppers on the bases.

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