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Professional wall-mounted mirror Figaro

The Figaro is a mirror made for professionals in the fields of performing arts and sports. It offers a perfect reflection, with no warping at any distance, so you can work with precision, whether your craft is dance, music or athletics. It’s designed to be able to mount as many units as you need side by side so you can create a continuous space that gives a feeling of spaciousness and elegance in the studio. The Figaro is a highly secure mirror thanks to its system that fixes it to the wall and its security film that helps to prevent glass shards from coming loose in the event of an unforeseen strong impact causing accidental damage to the mirror.

An indispensable tool for work

If you want to work on your technique in any artistic or sport discipline, a high-precision mirror is fundamental. The 4 mm–thick Figaro mirror for professionals is of the highest quality. You can have several students working with precision along the length of the mirror thanks to the warp-free reflection along its entire surface.

The galvanized steel wall mounts guarantee the mirror is secured perfectly to the wall as well as a flat surface with no bends. The aluminium frames protect the mirror and allow you to join units together securely and without reflective disturbances between them. 

Different sizes and colours help to create the perfect studio

A mirror is crucial in a studio, and we’ve designed the Figaro in different sizes and with frames in silver or black so they can be adapted to the dimensions of your space. The Figaro is available in three sizes, among them the classic 2 m x 1 m as well as smaller model that is more practical and comfortable for kids to train.

  • 200 x 125 x 2,5 cm | Silver or black frame
  • 200 x 100 x 2,5 cm | Silver or black frame
  • 170 x 100 x 2,5 cm | Silver or black frame
Professional wall-mounted mirror Figaro

Maximum safety for peace of mind

The thickness of the mirror, the protection afforded by the aluminium frames, and the system for mounting the Figaro make it a robust mirror, and greatly protect it against breakage. However, accidents happen, and that’s why we apply a safety film that prevents shards of glass from falling off and causing injury to anyone. The wall-mounted anchors are designed to secure the mirror to the wall by snapping into slots in the frame. The weight is distributed across the entire surface, and the total support on the wall provides perfect stability.

The galvanized steel used in the mounting brackets means they won’t rust, adding to the safety and stability of the mirror. The Figaro is in compliance with European EN-6060 safety and performance regulations.

The versatility of a unique fixed mirror

The two small anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets attach to the wall with two screws. The aluminium frame, which surrounds the outside edges of the mirror, bears two slots where the mirror is attached. This system delivers security and versatility, because any time you need to move the mirrors into another room, you can do so easily.

Attached above the skirting board, the mirror will remain completely flat against the wall, its weight distributed evenly along the surface, allowing for perfect alignment and total stability throughout, no matter how many mirrors you install in the room. Combine the Figaro with our floor-mounted ballet barres to optimize your space and create your dream dance studio.

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SKU codes:

  • Figaro 200×125 cm with silver frame: 30591620
  • Figaro 200×100 cm with silver frame: 30591621
  • Figaro 170×100 cm with silver frame: 30591622
  • Figaro 200×125 cm with black frame: 30591630
  • Figaro 200×100 cm with black frame: 30591631
  • Figaro 170×100 cm with black frame: 30591632


  •  High security 4mm mirror with certificate EN 60601-1
  • Silver or black aluminium frame
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets


  • Figaro 200×125: 38 kg
  • Figaro 200×100: 29 kg
  • Figaro 170×100 cm: 25 kg
  • Figaro 200×125 cm with packaging:  43 kg
  • Figaro 200×100 cm with packaging:  35 kg
  • Figaro 170×100 cm with packaging: 30 kg

Screws and tools:

  • SX-6 plugs x 4
  • 35 mm screws x 4
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets x 2

1. Measure and mark the location for the mirror installation. Accurately mark the positions for the supports (A) according to the width and height dimensions shown in the diagram. These should be 130 x 66 mm in from the upper corners of the intended position of the mirror. If hanging the mirror horizontally, the position of the supports will be those indicated (B).

Instrucciones Fígaro

2. Using the supports as a guide, mark and then drill the two 6 mm Ø holes required to attach the brackets to the wall. Insert the S6 plugs into the holes and fix the brackets to the walls with the provided screws.

Instrucciones Fígaro

3. Lift the mirror and slowly lower it down over the top of the brackets. The brackets will slide into the slots at the back of the mirror. Continue to lower the mirror until it is firmly locked into position by the brackets.

Instrucciones Fígaro

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