Floor-mounted ballet barres

These wall supports are designed to resist pressure from any direction, making them suitable for high-intensity exercises. Available in classic silver or elegant black, along with our Arabesque units, you can create one continuous barre that’s as long as you need without losing stability or performance.


Floor-mounted single-beam barre

Supporting a single bar set at 103 cm from the ground, the Avant-Fix lets you create an unlimited space, getting the most from the area of your studio.


Floor-mounted double-beam barre

Built to support two wooden beams set at 77.5 cm and 101 cm high, the Pina-Fix allows for dancers of different sizes to train at the same time.


| Height-adjustable floor-mounted barre

A single bar can be set at up to 14 different heights, spanning a total of 38 cm.


Height-adjustable floor-mounted double-beam barre

With two bars set with 19 cm between them, the Giselle-Fix also lets you work with up to 10 different height positions.

Products created with passion and top-quality materials

We design the ballet barres and studio mirrors used by the best dancers across the globe. We’ve been working in the world of passion for movement for more than twenty years, creating products for the development of artistic talent and enjoyment of practice.