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Ukrainian Ballet Academy

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TanzZentrum Hiltrup project

Dreams can become reality; just ask Sandra Landwehr founder of TanzZentrum Hiltrup. In 2013 her long term ambition to create a dance centre came to fruition.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona project

The recently established Institute of the Arts Barcelona was founded in 2013 and is located in the beautiful and culturally rich coastal town of Sitges, half an hour south of Barcelona.

Performing Center Austria project

For more than 40 years the Performing Center Austria has been the first point of call for all types of dance courses and professional musical training.

L’Avant-Scène Dance Centre project

Founded and directed by Sthan Kaber-Louet, the L’Avant-Scène Dance Centre was established in 2016 and is nestled in the southern districts of Nouméa New Caledonia.

Athens Conservatoire

The Athens Conservatoire is the oldest performing arts institute in Greece. Founded in 1871, the conservatory offers music and drama courses and has the distinction of having taught a number of highly regarded performers over the years.

Corporis Fabrica, Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, Corporis Fabrica® is a centre of kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy and multidisciplinary care specialized in helping performing artists.

Ukrainian Ballet Academy

The Ukrainian Ballet Academy has been training dancers who are now professionals in the best ballet companies for 15 years.

University of Richmond project

The long history of the University of Richmond in the United States began with its founding as a liberal arts university in 1830.