La Nuit Blanche de Dior

Between March 29th and April 2nd took place at the Opera Theater in Rome La Nuit Blanche, a ballet in homage of the American musician and composer Philip Glass. For the gala, Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic creator of Dior, designed the costumes of the 16...

Dancing Plague of 1518

It all began innocently enough in July of 1518 in the town of Strasbourg. As the townsfolk went about their usual business of contracting incurable illnesses, a woman began to dance in the street. This might not sound too strange, but keep in mind that the age of people dancing unabashedly to their MP3 players in public, was still some 450 years away.

Ballet Masterclass

Following on from their successful 2017 Grand Audition, D&D Art Productions is running a summer intensive ballet masterclass in Barcelona. The ten day training program will start on the 17th of July and finish on the 27th. The programme is open to 12 – 20 year old ballet students.

Another successful Grand Audition

The hard work of organizing this year’s Grand Audition has brought about another hugely successful event. In case you’re not familiar with the Grand Audition, the event offers young dancers the chance to take part in a single audition for a number of different ballet companies from around the globe.

Dinamica Ballet partners Dance Worldcup Spain

This weekend, the Dance Worldcup Spain (DWS) event will be held at Burgos. From the 17th to the 19th of February, young dancers will compete for a position in the Spanish national team. Dinamica Ballet have partnered with DWS and are providing our PINA and ISA portable ballet barres.

How high should a ballet barre be?

When it comes to purchasing ballet barres, there are a number of considerations to take into account and one of the most important of these is the height of the barre itself. Quite often we here at Dinamica Ballet are asked to give a recommendation and as straight forward as the request seems, the answer is not so simple.

100th barre sold online!

Most people have a tradition of celebrating milestones, the most common of which are probably the Birthday, the Wedding Anniversary and England’s sole 1966 world cup win. Today, Dinamica Ballet are celebrating a milestone.

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