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Wall-mounted ballet barre Arabesque Double

The Arabesque Double’s wall brackets are designed to give you the maximum resistance to pressure and to bring barres together to create your ideal space. With steel brackets and saddles in a silver finish that can hold two wooden bars, the Arabesque Double has become a classic among dance aficionados as well as professionals who work with students of all ages.   

Barra de ballet fija a pared Arabesque Doble

Barra de ballet fija a pared Arabesque Doble

A four-in-one support

The wall brackets and saddles are also designed to join four wooden beams, with two meeting up inside each cylindrical saddle. This means you can have the effect of a continuous double ballet barre running along the length of your studio wall, without any spaces between the beams, and with total stability at every point. The wooden bars slide into the saddles and are held together in the middle with small hidden screws that don’t damage the wood, so its properties are kept intact. We recommend a maximum distance between brackets of 2 metres.

Highly resistant to pressure

The dimensions of the steel wall bracket have been calculated to guarantee total stability. The cylindrical form of the saddles that grip the wooden bars helps to distribute pressure dancers put on the beams.

You don’t have to worry about groups of students in classes warming up with stretches or practising their moves at the same time on the upper and lower beams, as the Arabesque Double’s wall support is resistant to pressure from any direction and will not budge a bit.

Double ballet wall bracket Arabesque

You can’t go wrong with the Arabesque Double

The steel brackets and the beams made of Southern yellow pine provide the perfect properties for your dance practice. The strength and resistance of steel combined with the flexibility, grip and warm feel of wood let you get the maximum enjoyment out of your exercises. We provide you with screws and Fischer dowels to fix each bracket to the wall along with the wooden beams..

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SKU code: 30590321 

Materials: Steel wall brackets in silver or black colour.

Weight: 1 x 1,70 kg

Wooden beams: 2 units | Ø: 40mm | L: 100cm, 150cm, 200cm or 300cm | Yellow pine

We recommend a maximum distance between brackets of 2 metres

Screws and tools:

  • DIN 7505A M-5,5 x 50mm x2
  • Fischer sx-8 x2
  • DIN 7505A M-4,5 × 20mm x2

1. Place the brackets on the wall in the position you wish to install them, maintaining a maximum distance of 2 metres between each one. Mark the 4 points on the wall where the brackets will be attached. Drill 4 holes at the marked points using an 8 mm drill bit.

2. Insert a Fischer dowel into each hole and secure the brackets to the wall with the 4 large DIN 7505A 5.5 x 50 mm screws. If the available space is limited, we recommend inserting the wooden bar into the brackets before attaching them to the wall.

3. With the wooden bar centered, secure it with the small DIN 7505A 4.5 x 20 mm screws through the holes at the bottom of the bracket. If you are using more than two brackets to connect two wooden bars, insert one at each end of the bracket to meet in the centre position. Then use the screws to secure them.

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