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Floor-mounted ballet barre Avant-Fix

The Avant-Fix’s steel floor mounts that support a single wooden bar allow you to create a continuous row of ballet barres in order to optimize the space in your studio. Thanks to the high-quality materials and the reduced size of the feet, you can install the Avant-Fix close to the wall, giving you more space to train freely. The exclusive design of the base gives you the stability and resistance to pressure you need in the studio.

Soporte de suelo para una sola barra Avant-Fix

Soporte de suelo para una sola barra Avant-Fix

Functionality and performance in your space

The four 10-cm hexagonal anchors attach your Avant-Fix ballet barre perfectly to the floor of your studio. The feet, uprights and cradles are made of top-quality steel with a silver epoxy finish that provides maximum resistance to dings and scratches.

The cradles firmly hug the wooden bars so there is no need to make holes in the wood, keeping its strength and properties fully intact. All of this means you can add as many wooden beams as you like in a continuous line that stands very close to the wall or mirror so you can work comfortably with your students.

A continuous floor-mounted ballet barre

Dinamica Ballet’s continuous floor mounts on the Avant-Fix are designed so that various dancers can train at the same time regardless of the length of the installation. The uprights are made so you can slide two wooden bars into each saddle while still maintaining complete stability. With a maximum distance of 2 m between the saddles, you can install as many barres as you like in your studio.

Floor-mounted ballet barre Avant-Fix

A natural feel and perfect grip with Southern yellow pine wood

Our wooden beams of 40 mm in diameter are made of Southern yellow pine, which gives you resistance with light flexibility and optimal support with a pleasant feel. The bars were carved from a single piece of wood from sustainable management forests, which was then smoothed with care to protect your hands.

The beams slide into the supports without having to damage the wood with screws. The floor-mounted ballet barre Avant-Fix will help you to create a perfect space for your dance practice.   

Black supports for a touch of distinction

If you want to give an elegant touch to your practice space, the Avant-Fix is also available in black. The support is finished with a layer of black paint that perfectly matches the colour of the natural Melis pine wood.  You will find the Avant-fix with black supports in schools that want to create their own delicate style in their practice environment.

Soporte para barra de ballet de suelo negra Dinamica Ballet
Soporte para barra de ballet de suelo negra Dinamica Ballet
Soporte para barra de ballet de suelo negra Dinamica Ballet

More info

SKU code: Silver: 30590720 

SKU code: Black 30590730

Materials: Steel upright and base in silver color RAL 9006 or black color RAL 9005

Weight: 1 x 4,5 kg

Wooden beam: 1 unit | Ø: 40mm | L: 150cm or 200cm | Yellow pine

Screws and tools:

  • M-10 x 100mm x4 
  • DIN 7991 M-6 × 14mm A2 x4 
  • Allen 4mm x1
Soporte de suelo para una barra de madera Avant-fix

1. The support is fixed to the ground with the 4 hexagon screw anchors included. You will need a professional drill and a 12 mm drill bit. We recommend the help of a professional for installation. Inside the box you will also find small screws to secure the wooden bar inside the cradle.

Instrucciones Fix
Instrucciones Fix

2. Place the supports in the position of the room you wish to install them, ensuring that the maximum distance between each one does not surpass 2 metres. Mark the 4 points per support on the ground for the holes of the screw anchors. Drill 4 holes approximately 12 cm deep at the points you have marked on the ground. Insert the hexagon screws through the base and tighten them firmly.

Instrucciones Fix
Instrucciones Fix

3. Loosen the 4 small screws of the cradle with the Allen key provided and insert the wooden bar. Place it in the desired position and adjust all the screws making sure that the wooden bar is firmly held inside the cradle. To join two wooden bars on a single support, insert a bar at each end of the cradle so that they meet in the centre.

Instrucciones Fix

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