Portable Ballet Barres

If you need a versatile space in your classrooms or if you want to train at home, our portable ballet barres are the solution. From premium barres with maximum stability for demanding classes to lightweight beginner barres for at-home use, we’ve created a complete line of products that optimize the balance between stability and weight.


Premium double ballet barre

Impressive stability that allows more than one dancer at a time to perform intense exercises. Premium double ballet barre.


Professional double ballet barre

The Pina features supports for two wooden beams fixed at different heights. With more than 10 years on the market, the Pina has been proven to be an ideal choice for working with dancers of varying ages and sizes.


Professional single ballet barre

With a fixed height of 103 cm from the ground, the Avant is a model that performs just as well in dance schools as it does when training at home.


Beginner home ballet barre

The Prima is designed for children and adults to enjoy an at-home dance practice. It’s light enough to move it from one room to another easily.


Premium height-adjustable double ballet barre

With a total weight of 76 kilos, double supports for two bars and height-adjustable to 10 positions, the Royale is our most versatile and stable barre.


Height-adjustable double ballet barre

With supports for two wooden bars and a mechanism to adjust the heights to 10 different positions, the Giselle lets you work with heights that span from 70 cm to 120 cm.


Professional height-adjustable ballet barre

With 14 height positions, the Isa has won over dance professionals and aficionados around the globe.


Height-adjustable home ballet barre

The Juliette is a light ballet barre with 12 height positions, so it can be adapted for dancers of all sizes, or for children to use as they grow.

Products created with passion and top-quality materials

We design the ballet barres and studio mirrors used by the best dancers across the globe. We’ve been working in the world of passion for movement for more than twenty years, creating products for the development of artistic talent and enjoyment of practice.