BARREtoned member discount

How do you feel after a workout?

  • Ouch
  • Phew
  • *sob*
  • Zzzz

I think I fall somewhere between “phew” and “zzzz”, a combination of relief and exhaustion which doesn’t particularly bode well for my motivation to return to the gym. But workouts don’t need to leave you this way. Wouldn’t it be far better to finish feeling happy? Wouldn’t it be great to feel more and more energetic after each session? Wouldn’t it just be absolutely all-round fantastic if you left feeling confident?

I know you’re all nodding your head in agreement thinking, “Yes it would be great but that kind of workout only exists in the realm of fantasy”. And that little sadistic part of you is probably subconsciously thinking that an exercise regime that doesn’t leave you browbeaten is not real exercise. After all, if you don’t go home in agony and feeling like a worthless sack of flesh and bones, then you haven’t gained any benefit from going to the gym, right?


You may be familiar with barre exercise methods that combine postures from ballet with small controlled movements to promote toned muscles and a streamlined flexible body. And you may also be dismissive of such classes because they don’t involve 5’000 kg dumb-bells and bulking up to dinosaur proportions. (Hey guys, I’m looking at you) But these types of workouts are precisely the rewarding and enjoyable experience that most people crave.

So put a tick next to my three earlier rhetorical questions, because BARREtoned of the UK offer a workout that will leave you feeling happy, energetic and confident. I should be putting an exclamation mark at the end of that sentence, but I’m going to save them for what comes next.

Just like if the end of global warming were followed by world peace: the good news just keeps rolling in. If you can’t attend a BARREtoned class at their London studio, don’t worry. BARREtoned have online classes of easy to follow videos! (Exclamation mark number 1)

If you don’t have a ballet barre at home, there’s no need to fold your arms and have a strop in the corner. We at Dinamica Ballet now offer ALL BARREtoned members a 20% discount on our 1½m PRIMA ballet barre and what’s more, you can purchase it through our online shop! (Exclamation mark number 2)

Is this not just pure awesomeness? (Rhetorical question number 4)

Tear up that gym broacher promoting an hour of being shouted at by an ex high school PE teacher. Ignore those messages on your phone, persistently reminding you kindly that you can pay someone to run your body into the ground. Set fire to the reams of junk mail with nauseating colours trying to infiltrate your mind with the summer body look that only requires a single debilitating hour per day contorting your body to all manner of exercise machines…..

*catch your breath*

BARREtoned is in town and working out has never been more fun and rewarding.

BARREtoned member discount
BARREtoned member discount on this PRIMA ballet barre

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