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Bars made of southern yellow pine and beech

At Dinamica Ballet, we only work with the types of wood that have been proven to be the best suited to ballet barre work. Wood is a living material that offers great resistance to pressure with a bit of flexibility and an optimal grip. All our bars are smoothed with top precision so they have a warm and pleasant feel that makes practice enjoyable and safe.   

Dinámica Ballet Barra

Southern yellow pine beams

Most of our beams for our ballet barres are made of Southern yellow pine. They stand up to pressure and also provide a bit of give that’s perfect for a ballet practice.

The wood, which is perfectly smoothed and unvarnished, is pleasing to the touch and provides a firm grip as well as an organic beauty so you can get the most out of your exercises. Southern yellow pine is a medium-hard wood with a straight grain and a light colour.

Dinamica Ballet’s Southern yellow pine comes from certified sustainable forests and is made into beams with a 40-mm diameter. The standard lengths we offer are 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m and 3 m; you can also place a special order for custom measurements, and we offer an added option to varnish the wood.

Beams made from beech

Beech is a slightly harder, denser and heavier wood compared to the Southern yellow pine, and it’s got a redder hue in its natural state. It’s a high-quality wood that’s also resistant to fungi and insects. Our beech bars are perfectly polished and provide a pleasant touch and an ideal grip.

The beech wood that we use boasts a certificate of origin from sustainable forests in Catalonia and the south of France. The bars are 40 mm in diameter, with standard lengths in 1.5 m and 2 m. We can also customize measurements and offer the option to varnish the wood, both under special order.

We work with types of wood that are resistant and flexible, and which provide a good grip for doing ballet exercises with precision and safety.

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