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Professional wall-mounted mirror for wall ballet barres Amadeus

The Amadeus is a professional mirror designed to work in harmony with our wall-mounted ballet barres. Thanks to a specially designed opening through the glass and backing, the Amadeus can be installed along with our Arabesque wall brackets. Available in two sizes – 2 m x 1 m and 1.7 m x 1 m – this warp-free mirror is the ideal tool for perfecting ballet technique and getting the best performance from your space.

Espejo de ballet Amadeus compatible con soportes Arabesque

Espejo de ballet Amadeus compatible con soportes Arabesque

Espejo de ballet Amadeus compatible con soportes Arabesque

Get the most out of your space

We’ve developed a way to combine mirrors and ballet barres effectively. Our design and manufacturing teams have created a mirror with a framed opening that doesn’t weaken the overall structural integrity. Through the 20 cm x 10 cm opening, the Arabesque wall brackets attach directly to the wall without adding any extra pressure on the mirror for a safe and secure installation.

The 4 mm–thick Amadeus professional mirror is of the highest quality. A group of students working at varying distances from the mirror can work with precision thanks to the warp-free reflection along the entire surface of the mirror.  

An incredibly secure mirror

The thickness of the mirror, the protection afforded by the aluminium frames and the mounting system make the Amadeus highly robust and give it a great deal of protection against breakage. However, it is possible a mirror could suffer damage from a strong impact, and that’s why we apply a safety film that prevents shards of glass from falling off and causing injury to anyone. The Amadeus is in compliance with European EN-6060 safety and performance regulations.

Professional wall-mounted mirror for wall-mounted barres Amadeus

Details that mark the difference

The galvanized steel anchors that fix the mirror to the wall fit into the grooves on the mirror’s frame, ensuring perfect security to the wall. Mounted above the skirting board, the mirror lies completely flat on the wall so its weight is distributed evenly over the entire surface. The result is perfect alignment and total stability, no matter how many mirrors you install in your space. The aluminium frames as well as the opening protect the mirror and allow for many units to be joined together safely and warp-free.

At Dinamica Ballet, details are important to us, so you can choose between a silver or a black frame for the Amadeus to go with the ballet barre support. The mirrors, supports and wooden bars are all sold separately so that you can choose the best equipment for your space. You can also combine the Amadeus with our Figaro standard mirrors to create extensive installations of mirrors and ballet barres.

More info

SKU codes:

  • Amadeus 200×100 cm with silver frame: 30592121
  • Amadeus 170×100 cm with silver frame: 30592122
  • Amadeus 200×100 cm with black frame: 30592131
  • Amadeus 170×100 cm with black frame: 30592132


  •  High security 4mm mirror with certificate EN 60601-1
  • 45 x 25 mm silver or black aluminium frame
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets
  • 20 x 10 cm opening with silver or black frame


  • Boris 200 x 100 cm: 27 kg
  • Boris 170 x 100 cm: 23 kg

Screws and tools:

  • SX-6 plugs x 4
  • 35 mm screws x 4
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets x 2
  • The mirror must be mounted on the metal supports included.Measure and mark the points on the wall where you wish to mount the mirror. Ensure that the distance between the floor and the edge of the mirror’s frame is at least 7 cm to leave space for the skirting board.
  • Mark the points where the metal supports (A) will be fixed. This should correspond to the drawing (130 x 66 mm in from the outer edges of the mirror.
  • Use the metal brackets as orientation and drill four 6 mm ø holes in the wall.
  • Insert the S6 plugs into the corresponding holes and attach the metal brackets with the screws provided.
  • Lift and carefully hang the mirror on the metal supports.
  • Decorative wall stickers are provided to cover the back space where the Arabesque support is fixed.
Instrucciones Fígaro
  • Introduce the Arabesque support (C) to the mirror opening and mark the holes to be drilled (four per support). Remove the mirror from the wall.
  • Drill the 4 holes for the support and insert the corresponding S8 plugs.
  • Rehang the mirror ensuring the supports fit firmly and fully into the slots of the frame.
  • Carefully attach the Arabesque support into the corresponding position.
  • Complete the assembly by inserting the wooden beams in the supports.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The opening in the mirror has a 3 cm margin above and below mounting of an Arabesque double support and 5 cm for an Arabesque single.

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