Espejo Billy dinamica

The Figaro gets bigger

200 x 125 cm wall mirror to create the perfect space to practice

New pack for home use

Packs for home use

Home ballet barres and reversible mat, the perfect match!  

Barra de ballet doble con dos suportes

Don’t put a limit to your mobile ballet barres

Portable barres with 3 supports, 4 and 5 meters, or even more.

Unique mirrors and ballet barres

We design the ballet barres and studio mirrors used by the best dancers across the globe. At Dinamica Ballet, we’ve been working in the world of passion for movement for more than twenty years, creating products for the development of artistic talent and enjoyment of practice.  

Professional mirrors

Our professional studio mirrors are designed so you can practise artistic technique with high precision. They provide a perfect reflection and elegant lines, and are made with the highest-quality materials, all to help create functional and beautiful spaces.

Floor-mounted barres

This option makes it possible to get the most out of your space by installing the barres very close to the wall or mirror, thanks to the reduced size of their feet and their floor-anchoring system.

Portable ballet barres

From premium barres with maximum stability for demanding classes to lightweight beginner barres for at-home use, we’ve created a complete line of products that optimize the balance between stability and weight.

Dinamica Ballet - Barras de ballet móviles

Wall-mounted ballet barres

Made to resist pressure from any direction, our wall-mounted barres mean infinite spaces can be created without the loss of stability or performance.

Products created with passion and top-quality materials

We design all of our products with three factors in mind: functionality, strength and aesthetics. We only use materials that deliver the performance our clients demand.

Visit our online shop and bring home our ballet barres! Enjoy some home-dancing or make a wonderful present.

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