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Designed for professionals looking for technical precision, the Boris is a wall mounted mirror with a screen-printed 10 x 5 cm grid pattern to help choreographers, musicians, athletes and rehabilitation professionals to improve the movements of their students. The Boris mirror – paying tribute to the Russian opera masterpiece “Boris Godunov” – offers a flawless reflection and guarantees the maximum safety for its users.

Created for movement excellence

The Boris is a perfect work tool for professionals who demand concise forms of expression. The entire surface of the mirror has a fine-lined 10 x 5 cm grid pattern that allows rigorous technical evaluation and the careful control of body position. The superior build quality of the Boris gives a perfect reflective surface regardless of the distance between the user and the mirror. In addition, when group work is required multiple mirrors can be aligned side-by-side to create one continuous reflective surface.


Easy installation AND relocation

Unlike mirrors of other brands that are fixed directly to the wall, the Boris is installed on ingenious galvanized steel brackets with the aluminum frame of the mirror sliding comfortably over the supports. Not only does this mechanism remove the need for the base of the mirror to rest on the floor, but it allows the Boris to be dismounted and installed in a new location with relative ease.


Absolute security

Our Boris mirror meets all European safety regulations and includes high-grade material and design features for additional protection. We have designed the mirror to lie flush with the wall which distributes its weight pressure and makes for a secure installation. We have also ensured that if an accidental heavy impact were to break the glass, thanks to the aluminium frame and security film the glass fragments would not detach from the mirror.


Available in three sizes and two colours

We know that mirrors are a key aesthetic element which is why we offer you the Boris in different sizes and colours adaptable to the style of your space. You have a choice between a silver or black framed mirror in a classic 200 x 100 cm dimension, 170 x 100 cm or a 120 x 80 cm size ideal for children.

  • Flawless reflection.
  • Maximum mirror safety.
  • Screen-printed 10 x 5 cm grid.
  • Aluminum frame that allows side-by-side mirror installations.
  • Frame available in silver or black.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Mirror lies flush with the wall.
  • In accordance with current European regulations EN 60601 – 1.

FIGARO dance mirror main features



  • Thickness of mirror: 4 mm
  • Weight (without packaging) 200×100 cm model:  29 kg
  • Weight (without packaging) 170×100 cm model:  25 kg
  • Weight (without packaging) 120×80 cm model:   15 kg
  • Galvanized steel wall brackets.
  • Screen-printed 10 x 5 cm grid.
  • In accordance with current European regulations EN 60601 – 1.


Product codes:

  • Boris 200 × 100 cm black frame: 30592531
  • Boris 170 × 100 cm black frame: 305925532
  • Boris 120 × 80 cm black frame: 30592532
  • Boris 200 × 100 cm silver frame: 30592521
  • Boris 170 × 100 cm silver frame: 30592522
  • Boris 120 × 80 cm silver frame: 30592523


Aluminium frame: 45 x 25 mm


FIGARO dance mirror instructions

1. Before fixing the mirror to the wall, measure and mark the location for its installation. Ensure the distance between the ground and the top of the mirror is no less than the 2 m height of the mirror itself.

2. Accurately mark the positions for the supports (A) according to the width and height dimensions shown in the diagram. These should be 130 x 66 mm in from the upper corners of the intended position of the mirror.

3. Using the supports as a guide, mark and then drill the four 6 mm ø holes required to attach the brackets to the walls.

4. Insert the S6 plugs into the holes and fix the brackets to the walls with the provided screws.

5. Lift the mirror and slowly lower it down over the top of the brackets. The brackets will slide into the slots at the back of the


Download assembly instructions

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