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Professional grid-pattern mirror Boris

The Boris is a wall-mounted grid-pattern mirror designed for professionals looking for technical precision. It helps choreographers, musicians, athletes and rehabilitation professionals to improve the movements of their students or patients thanks to the 10 cm x 5 cm grid pattern. The Boris mirror, which pays tribute to the Russian opera masterpiece Boris Godunov, projects a flawless reflection and guarantees maximum safety for those who use it.

Espejo profesional con serigrafía Boris

Designed for excellence in movement

The Boris is a perfect work tool for professionals who demand concise forms of expression. The entire surface of the mirror boasts a fine-lined 10 cm x 5 cm grid pattern that helps you with meticulous control of body position and allows for rigorous technical evaluation.

The expert quality of the Boris translates into a flawless reflection no matter the distance between you and the mirror. If you need to work with a group, you can join more than one Boris mirror and create a continuous reflective service with no gaps between the pieces.

Available in two sizes and two colours

We’ve designed the Boris in different sizes and colours to be able to adapt it to all types of spaces. The Boris is available in three sizes ­– the classic 200 cm x 100 cm, as well as a smaller one that is 170 cm x 100, great for working with kids. You can also choose the colour of your frame, either silver or black.

Absolute security

The installation mechanism lets you secure the Boris above the skirting board and with its entire surface attached to the wall to distribute the pressure. The aluminium frames offer extra protection to the user, though in the event of an accidental impact causing any breakage, you can rest assured knowing the treatment and the quality of materials are in compliance with European EN-6060 safety and performance regulations, guaranteeing that glass shards won’t dislodge from the mirror.

Easy installation and the ability to move it to another space

The Boris mirror is installed on galvanized steel brackets that screw into the wall. The aluminium frame fits perfectly into the brackets. This mechanism means that you can install the Boris easily with little effect on the wall, and if you need to, you can move it to another space with ease.

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SKU codes

  • Boris 200×100 cm with silver frame: 30592521
  • Boris 170×100 cm with silver frame: 30592522
  • Boris 200×100 cm with black frame: 30592531
  • Boris 170×100 cm with black frame: 305925532


  •  High security 4mm mirror with certificate EN 60601-1
  • Silver or black aluminium frame
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets
  • Screen-printed 10 x 5 cm grid


  • Boris 200×100 cm: 29 kg
  • Boris 170×100 cm: 25 kg
  • Boris 200×100 cm with packaging:  35 kg
  • Boris 170×100 cm with packaging: 30 kg

Screws and tools:

  • SX-6 plugs x 4
  • 35 mm screws x 4
  • Anti-rust galvanized steel mounting brackets x 2

1. Measure and mark the location for the mirror installation. Accurately mark the positions for the supports (A) according to the width and height dimensions shown in the diagram. These should be 130 x 66 mm in from the upper corners of the intended position of the mirror. If hanging the mirror horizontally, the position of the supports will be those indicated (B).

2. Using the supports as a guide, mark and then drill the two 6 mm Ø holes required to attach the brackets to the wall. Insert the S6 plugs into the holes and fix the brackets to the walls with the provided screws.

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3. Lift the mirror and slowly lower it down over the top of the brackets. The brackets will slide into the slots at the back of the mirror. Continue to lower the mirror until it is firmly locked into position by the brackets.

Instrucciones Fígaro

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