Dust off your dumbbells and start popping your vitamin supplements,

FIBO is back!


This year Cologne in Germany plays host to the world’s largest event devoted to health, fitness and wellbeing. The convention runs between the 7th to the 10th of April and you’ll be hard pressed to find a greater concentration of six-packs and bodies glistening in baby oil.

The event will showcase some of the latest fitness trends from across the globe and this year Dinamica Ballet are partnering with PILOXING® by providing twenty-five of our PINA and ISA freestanding barres. PILOXING®s “RINGSIDE” event will have method founder Viveca Jensen giving a sneak peek into a new choreography. Participants will have the chance to not only improve their health with a new workout, but also experience first-hand the strength, stability and smooth wooden beams of Dinamica Ballet’s barres . Excited? If your muscles are in spasms of expectation then sign up to attend RINGSIDE by clicking >here<

Visit the PILOXING® stand Hall 5.1 BU2 at FIBO and learn more about PILOXING® Barre. Dinamica Ballet will also be on hand and you can ask us about our range of fixed and portable ballet barres and studio mirrors. On top of that, we’ve got a little surprise for you… For FIBO 2016, Dinamica Ballet are offering all attendees a 25% discount off our entire range of products. To put this into context, the discount is the equivalent of a workout that drops someone’s weight from 100kg down to 75kg overnight. If only losing weight were as easy as speaking to us at FIBO  🙁

But if you can’t make it to FIBO this year, you can always consider coming out here to Barcelona. The modest gentlemen at Barceloneta beach are always more than happy to show off… I mean “showcase” their workouts for all to see. You might want to bring that sulphuric eye rinse with you.

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