There is more than just one way to enjoy music at a club. Sunyard Pilates Club offers an alternative that won’t leave you with morning after regrets and a debilitating headache. With thoroughly enjoyable workouts done to the energetic beats of music, a SYPC® training session seems more like a night out than a workout at a fitness studio.

As the largest boutique fitness studio in Munich, Sunyard Pilates Club is an exclusive woman’s only centre that offers workout concepts from the USA. Distinguishing themselves from conventional fitness studios, SYPC® training combines methods from an array of other disciplines with unique class names such as “Apple Curves Body toning”, “Ultimate Sixpack Pilates”, “California Beach Workout” and “Burn Baby Burn” *which should be done to the accompaniment of this song*

Working out at SYPC® feels like a social meet up. Unlike in larger fitness studios, local participants get to know each other, network and form new friendships with fellow neighbours. But the socializing doesn’t end in the classroom, the SYPC® Facebook page and online blog offer members healthy recipes and motivational advice on training and fitness. Sunyard Pilates Club understands the importance of the individual and provides personal attention and individual training to their members. To top it all off, the SYPC® Academy offers professional training programs, e.g. as a Barre Workout Instructor!

In case the earlier mentioned parallel between a night club and Sunyard Pilates Club wasn’t enough, here’s one I’ve come up with:

SYPC® also has a bar… in fact they have multiple bars…. Ballet barres that is! *Ouch, it’s so painful to read I’m wondering why I haven’t deleted it!*

Dinamica Ballet are ecstatic to have been chosen to supply our PRIMA and ISA freestanding ballet barres for Sunyard Pilates Club. They may not be appropriate for resting a drink on them, but they’re perfect for fitness training. *Oh dear, there I go again.*

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