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Our selection of barres is suitable for a wide range of uses. Whether you want a barre for dancing or for working out at home, or as a gift for an aspiring young dancer in the family, we’re sure you’ll find a Dinamica Ballet barre suitable for your needs.

If the Dinamica Ballet equipment you desire is not available in our online shop, please contact us to receive a price quotation. Dinamica Ballet offer special rates for business clients on our entire range of ballet equipment. If you’re a school, gym, architect or other such business, contact us to benefit from special conditions.



Portable Ballet Barres

Home ballet barre Prima


Created for home use and suitable for dance and fitness workouts for all ages. Light and portable for a single user to move around the house, you’ll find the PRIMA is a firm and sturdy ballet barre made from high quality materials.

Freestanding ballet barre Avant


A freestanding ballet barre equipped with a single wooden beam. Its design offers stability, strength and mobility and its flat steel bases with optional rubber wheels allow you to move the bar easily and without damaging the ground.

Double freestanding ballet barre Pina


Equipped with two wooden beams and with wide, flat, steel feet that come with the option of small wheels. The PINA is a sturdy, balanced and stable professional quality ballet barre suitable for schools, dance and fitness studios.

Premium ballet barre Maurice


Our top range, free standing, portable ballet barre. It comes with two wooden beams and has solid cast iron bases to give maximum stability. The bases are equipped with small wheels on both sides of the barre for maximum flexibility

Portable Height Adjustable Ballet Barres

Height adjustable ballet barre ISA


Juliette is a height-adjustable ballet barre designed to be used at home. It is light and easy to move whilst maintaining a high degree of stability to perform precision exercises. The Juliette can be set to 12 different heights adapting as the little dancers in your house grow.

Height adjustable ballet barre ISA


This height adjustable ballet barre is the perfect choice for adults and children alike. Thanks to its 14 different positions, the ISA can grow in height as children grow in stature, allowing the little dancers to practice for many years to come, both at the academy or home.

Height adjustable double ballet barre Giselle


With a double row of wooden beams that are height adjustable to ten different positions, GISELLE is ideal for dancers of all ages and statures and is easy to move and uncompromising on our commitment to sturdy and stable ballet barres.

Premium height adjustable ballet barre Royale


Premium height adjustable double ballet barre. Its cast iron bases offer the maximum possible stability for a freestanding ballet barre. It can be adjusted to 10 different heights without effort. Four wheels on each base allows for easy “tilt & move” of the barre.

Fixed Ballet Barres

Wall mounted ballet barre Arabesque


This single row barre is strong enough to handle a broad range of uses from dance to fitness workouts. It has a closed saddle design so you can feel confident that the wooden beam won’t tear free from the brackets during heavy use.

 Wall ballet fixed barre Arabesque Double


Unlike standard wall brackets which are designed to only resist pressure from the top down, the ARABESQUE can handle pressure from a user pushing and pulling on the beams in any direction, making them suitable for barre workouts.

Comprar barra de pared Arabesque Black


NEW: This jet black, modern and sleek steel wall bracket has cylindrical saddles that support the connection of two beams. Solid wall fixtures give the ARABESQUE the strength to easily handle different uses from dance to fitness workouts.

Wall ballet barre Arabesque double Black


NEW: A black steel wall bracket suitable for wooden bars with a diameter of 40mm. The contrast of steel midnight black supports and natural wooden bars make this ballet barre an appealing addition to any studio, gym or school.

Dance Studio Mirrors & accessories

Portable professional mirror Billy Dinamica Ballet


Beautiful, practical and of professional quality. Suitable for use in a number of different environments, the BILLY is easy to move around and just as easy to fix in a set position. Designed with a number of clever features, we’re confident you will love our mirror.

Portable professional mirror Billy Dinamica Ballet


Dance mat offers you the perfect cushioning and stability for your exercises

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