I’ll spare you the sad emoji face, but….

FIBO 2016 is over and it was difficult leaving Cologne with so many fitness guides and bottles of Kölsch to fit into our luggage. Fortunately there are some incredibly useful videos on the internet to help desperate souvenir hoarders such as myself, pack a bag. After we finally managed to forcibly zip-up our suitcases and shove them into a distant overhead compartment above someone else’s seat, it was time for Dinamica Ballet to fly back to Barcelona and reflect on our involvement with FIBO and PILOXING®

What do you get when you put 200 Lycra wearing enthusiasts and 25 barres in the same hall?


FIBO 2016 saw Viveca Jensen run her RINGSIDE event master class with the aid of Dinamica Ballet. We sponsored the occasion and provided twenty-five of our PINA and ISA barres for the instructors and participants to use.

But why Dinamica Ballet?

Simple reason really, our barres are strong, sturdy and very stable which make them perfect for fitness workouts. You don’t have to worry about toppling over Dinamica Ballet barres during a routine, because they’ve been designed to stand upright and stable. Our barres let you focus on your exercises instead of compromising your moves to offset a flimsy barre.


Did you forget to come and visit us?


The PILOXING RINGSIDE event was an amazing experience to be a part of and we congratulate Viveca on her continued success. It was great for Dinamica Ballet to join and feel a part of the PILOXING community. We had a number of barre workout instructors come speak to us after the event to enquire about our fixed and portable barres and to reserve their 25% discount.

But if you forgot to visit us, or simply weren’t at the event, you can still get our 25% PILXONG discount. This special offer will be available until the end of April and can be claimed on all of our products. (Un)fortunately, you won’t have the chance to see our shiny happy faces in person.


Contact us to claim your discount before the end of April: 25% PILOXING discount


And now let me leave you with some of the highlights of FIBO 2016.

Dude, where's my shirt?

I’d hate to be one of those pesky kids who stole their shirts.

I told you there'd be six-packs on display!

Next year he starts on his lower body… OK, OK, I’m just envious.

...and the truly “interesting”

Introducing Pogo-bell

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