At Dinamica Ballet we tested our wooden bars to determine their resistance to pressure. The laboratory of elasticity and resistance of materials of the Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona took to the limit more than 20 of our bars to check how much they could resist. Below we show the conclusions.

The test

The test consisted in applying pressure progressively in the center of the ballet bar until reaching the point of rupture to be able to analyze its maximum resistance. The laboratory performed the test with southern yellow pine wood barres of 2m and 3m, mounted on both single and double supports.

strength test dinamica ballet wooden barres

The unit of measure of force is the Newton, which equals the force necessary to provide an acceleration of 1m/s2 to an object of 1 kg mass. A Newton equals 0.102 Kilograms or 1 kg equals 9.81N. Below we present the results on the single support with a 3 meters bar.

3m southern yellow pine bar test results

Strength test dinamica ballet barres

The average of the three tests carried out on the 3m bar determines that the average maximum strength resisted before breaking  is 2119N, the equivalent to 216 Kg. Being a living material, the wood shows Certain deviations between the 3 tests performed with the same support and bar. The weight of a dancer or dancer can obviously be very different, to illustrate the results graphically we decided to get the reference from to the great Misty Copeland and establish a reference weight of 50kg. That would mean that Dinamica Ballet 3m southern yellow pine bar on a single support can resist the weight of more than 4 dancers on a specific point of the bar. If the dancers were distributed along the bar, the resistance would be greater.

2m yellow pine wooden bar test results

With the same simple support and a 2m bar, the resistance grows to 3857N or 393Kg, or the equivalent of almost 8 ballerinas on the same point of the bar. Tests performed on double supports showed similar results.

We conclude as a result of the studies carried out that the Dinamica Ballet wooden barres are resistant and totally safe for people. At Dinamica Ballet we research to create products with high aesthetics that provide the maximum durability, performance and resistance, and above all, that are safe to carry out any type of exercise for young and adult dancers. 

Resistance and elasticity test ballet barres

Download the results of the test performed by the laboratory of elasticity and resistance of materials of the Technical School of Industrial Engineering

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