Guess the dance films

Love dance? Love film? So how much of a dance film buff are you? Can you guess the following eight films about dance from these brief (and not completely inaccurate) descriptions? Click on the “Answer” buttons to find out. No cheating!

Number 1:

A well to do family whose youngest daughter has lovingly / patronizingly been nicknamed “baby”; stay at a resort for their summer vacations where the resort’s performance staff have late night parties that involve “(insert adjective here) dancing”.


Number 2:

A teenager from Chicago discovers to his great shock and horror that the generic god-fearing small American town where he’s just moved to with his mother has banned dancing and rock music.


Number 3:

Uninterested in the “masculine” pursuit of boxing and the pleasures that come from repeatedly punching someone else in the face, our film’s protagonist one day notices a ballet class and immediately takes an interest.


Number 4:

An Australian ballroom dancer….. (Need I say more?)


Number 5:

Unable to convincingly perform the role of an evil character in a ballet, the female lead of this film pops some ecstasy, has vivid sexual fantasies involving a female colleague and spirals into madness which naturally leads to her performing spectacularly well on the opening night AND bleeding profusely from a self inflicted wound.


Number 6:

With the advent of talking pictures, a silent movie star struggles to find success with amateurish dialogue and his co-star’s grating New York accent. Fortunately his recent love interest and his long time friend (the film’s persistent “third wheel”) create a highly successful talking picture musical.


Number 7:

The monotony of his dead-end job and living under the roof of his parent’s home is broken each Saturday night when our main character dances at the 2001 Odyssey club to the most famous over indulgence of falsetto singing, baseline driven 70’s disco track known to humankind.


Number 8:

This film follows some teenagers as they audition for the New York School for Performing Arts, right through to their graduation, which includes pleasant scenes such as a student considering suicide and another who has an abortion so as to avoid jeopardizing her career. Let’s just assume they all live happily ever after.


So what was your total: ?/8

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