Height-adjustable initiation ballet barre Juliette

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Juliette is a height-adjustable ballet barre designed to be used at home. It is light and easy to move whilst maintaining a high degree of stability to perform precision exercises. The Juliette can be set to 12 different heights adapting as the little dancers in your house grow.


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An adjustable barre designed for you to dance at home

The Juliette ballet barre can be quickly and easily adjusted to 12 alternative heights, with a difference of 33 centimeters between the maximum and minimum position. Designed for ballet initiation, the JULIETTE will adapt perfectly for the young and the not so young of the house. Its steel bases provide enough stability to perform simple exercises with total safety. In addition, they are protected with rubber stoppers to improve stability and avoid marking your floor.

The natural, warm and pleasant touch of southern yellow pine wood

At Dinamica Ballet we work with only the most suitable wood for ballet practice. The Juliette comes with a 1, 1.5 or 2 metre bar of southern yellow pine wood from certified sustainable management forests. Wood is a living material that combines high pressure resistance with slight flexibility and is perfect for holding.

In the time it takes to make coffee, you will be enjoying the Juliette

When we design our products, we study how we can use the minimum possible parts with two objectives in mind: maximizing the durability of our equipment and achieving an easy and quick assembly. With the instructions we provide you and the help of only a screwdriver, you can assemble the Juliette in a matter of minutes.

Technical Info & Assembly Instructions

Height-adjustable initiation ballet barre Juliette

SKU 1.5m: 30591521 | SKU: 2m: 30591522

  • Adjustable bar in 12 different heights
  • Maximum height in position 12: 110 cm
  • Minimum height in position 1: 77 cm
  • Distance between minimum position (1) and maximum position (12): 33 cm
  • Base measures: 39.5 cm x 32 cm x 0.6 cm
  • Bottom column diameter: 40 mm
  • Upper column diameter: 32 mm
  • Wooden bar diameter: 40 mm
  • Fixing lever in PVC and diameter Metric 8.
  • Total weight of the set with the 1 meter bar (2 bases, 2 columns and 1 m wooden bar): 17 kg
  • Total weight of the 1.5 meter set: 17.5 kg
  • Total weight of the  2 meters set: 18 kg
  • 2 DIN 7991 M10X40 screws included to fix the base to the column
  • Including 8 TLLO DIN 7505-A 4.5 × 20 screws to fix the wooden bars to the plates

Wooden barres

  • Standard lengths: 1 m, 1½ m and 2 m or 3 m
  • Fine southern yellow pinewood (Smoothed and unvarnished)
  • Diameter: 40 mm.
  • Weight: 1 m – 1 kg, 1½ m – 1½ kg, 2 m – 2 kg, 3 m – 3 kg.


Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions for the Juliette home height-adjustable ballet barre

La barre de danse Juliette est composée de 5 éléments : 2 socles, 2 poteaux et 1 barre en bois de 1, 1,5 ou 2 mètres. Installez les poteaux sur les socles (A), puis placez la barre en bois sur les supports et enfin vissez les 4 vis sur la barre en bois (B).

  1. Inclinez l’un des poteaux et placez-le sur le trou au centre d’un socle. Depuis la partie avant du socle (celle qui reposera sur le sol et qui a les protections), insérez la vis et vissez-la sur le poteau à travers le socle. Vissez fermement à l’aide de la clé Allen fournie jusqu’à ce que le poteau soit parfaitement fixé au socle. Répétez le processus avec le deuxième poteau.

  1. Une fois les poteaux montés, redressez-les et placez la barre en bois sur les supports. Les barres ont 4 points marqués qui doivent coïncider avec les 4 trous de chaque support. Une fois que la barre en bois est bien placée, vissez les 4 vis avec un tournevis au niveau des points marqués sur la barre à travers les trous du support. Répétez le processus avec le deuxième poteau.

Pour déplacer la barre, placez-vous au milieu de la barre en bois et soulevez-la complètement du sol avec vos deux mains. Ne traînez pas les socles pour éviter d’abîmer les butées en caoutchouc et de rayer le sol.

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