Portable barres

We’ve aimed to create barres that are easy to move, but without compromising strength and stability. You’ll find these stylish and sturdy ballet barres are built to the highest level of quality to provide you with equipment that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use and last many years to come.

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  • Initiation ballet barre Prima

    Home ballet barre Prima

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  • Height-adjustable initiation ballet barre Juliette

    Home adjustable ballet barre Juliette

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    Pack home ballet barre Prima & reversible dance mat Ondine

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  • Sale!

    Pack with 1.5m adjustable ballet barre Juliette and dance mat Ondine

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  • Portable professional ballet barre Avant

    Professional ballet barre Avant

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  • Height-adjustable portable professional ballet barre Isa

    Professional adjustable ballet barre Isa

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  • Portable double ballet barre Pina

    Portable double ballet barre Pina

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  • Height-adjustable portable double ballet barre Giselle

    Professional adjustable double barre Giselle

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  • Premium portable double ballet barre Maurice

    Premium double ballet barre Maurice

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  • Height-adjustable premium double ballet barre Royale

    Premium adjustable double barre Royale

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