Corporis Fabrica, Paris

by | Nov 30, 2018

Located in the heart of Paris, Corporis Fabrica® is a centre of kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy and multidisciplinary care specialized in helping performing artists. This innovative centre is also a training space that works to assist artists with their health, injury prevention and performance.

With more than 15 years of clinical experience, Santiago del Valle, physiotherapist and author of several works on anatomy and biomechanics, founded the centre in 2017. He is assisted by physiotherapists whom he trains according to his approach and also professionals of various disciplines such as Gyrokinésis, Pilates and Classical Dance. The concept of his work is to find a logical continuity between physiotherapy and disciplining the body, based on the same principles of the optimal functioning of the body.

Corporis Fabrica® stands out for its innovation and for being a pioneer in the field of health of the performing artist. The knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics applied to artistic gestures, as well as the emotional, aesthetic and social aspects that surround them, are the basis of the approach. The brand “Corporis Fabrica®” is a nod to the book of anatomy De Humani Corporis Fabrica, by Andreas Vesalius, which founded the modern understanding of the anatomy.

Dinamica Ballet is very honoured and grateful for being chosen as one of the centre’s main partners and setting us as a benchmark in the market of ballet barres and dance mirrors. We are delighted to have contributed our experience to their space dedicated to rehabilitation, prevention and performance, thanks to the installation of our fixed FIGARO wall mirrors and ISA height-adjustable, portable ballet barres.

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