Specialists in ballet barres & studio mirrors

Stylish and practical equipment for dancers

Specialists in ballet barres & studio mirrors

Stylish and practical equipment for dancers

Specialists in ballet barres & studio mirrors

Stylish and practical equipment for dancers

Portable Ballet Barres

Create flexible spaces with our premium quality movable barres. Built for strength and durability, they are designed with a number of clever features


Dance Studio Mirrors

Fixed and movable. Beautiful and professional quality mirrors for everyday use in schools and studios


Fixed Ballet Barres

Choose between our wall and floor mounted bars. Robust, strong and suitable for a broad range of uses from dance to workouts


Tienda online


Buy our ballet barres online for your home


We’ve launched the Dinamica Ballet Online Shop for private customers
Our portable barres, the PRIMA and the height adjustable ISA can now be purchased online. In addition, our ARABESQUE wall barres with a choice of a single or double row of wooden beams are also available.

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Grand Audition 2017 opens for registration

Dinamica Ballet has partnered with D&D Art Productions to bring you Grand Audition 2017 which will be held right here in Barcelona on the 7th and 8th of February. The Grand Audition provides the opportunity for dancers to do a single audition for several international ballet companies at the same time.

Guess the dance films

Love dance? Love film? So how much of a dance film buff are you? Can you guess the following eight films about dance from these brief (and not completely inaccurate) descriptions? Click on the “Answer” buttons to find out. No cheating!

iokasti method

The ancient Greeks created gods that personified their natural world. The sea was represented by Poseidon, love and beauty by the goddess Aphrodite and the sky by Zeus. They prayed and made sacrifices to their gods and the tales from their mythology have persevered to the present day. But our practices have evolved and we no longer beg deities for good fortune. So what is the modern recourse for someone seeking an improvement in their health and wellbeing?

Our clients love us

“Your company produce the best dance mirrors in the world! Perfect for us!”

Kulturhuset City Theatre, Sweden

“The barres are fantastic, very beautiful, sturdy and professional. They make practicing fun!”

P. Laurent-Schmidt, Germany

“Congratulations on your dedication and precision to the customer. Your barres are excellent.”

Centro Studi Danzarea SNC, Italia


Over the years, our professional approach and our passion for dance have given us our leading market position.
We’re proud to work with the top dance institutions, theatres and operas from around the world. Our equipment is helping performers to train and perfect their techniques.


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