Viagrande Studios choose Dinamica Ballet

Viagrande Studios comes from Claudia Migliori idea to create the biggest artistic multipurpose centre in South Italy, located in Sicily Island.

In fact, this huge facility provides a 4000 square metres campus for students, consisting of 4 studying rooms, 44 beds, 1 library, 500 seats amphitheatre, and several concert and congress halls.

Viagrande Studios will open in June 2012 and Claudia Migliori relied on Dinamica Ballet, specialist in portable ballet barres, wall brackets and dance mirrors, to take part in furnishing projects. In particular, Maurice portable dance barres, Arabesque brackets and 2mt and 3mt individual pinewood ballet barres have been chosen to be part of it.

Dinamica Ballet is confident Viagrande Studios will become a point of reference in Italy in dance, theatre and television productions.


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