It’s the early 1980’s and Doug Davis is watching a presentation at a National Gymnastics convention. It could have been something in the water or possibly it was Doug’s creative mind, but that day leads him to come up with the idea of what will eventually become Tumbl Trak.

The company is founded in the United States, promoting Doug’s new approach to gymnastics training. But with his different philosophy, also came the need for new types of training equipment. So Tumbl Trak becomes not only a philosophy, but also a designer and producer of gymnastic products.

Here we are in 2015 and over the last thirty odd years Tumbl Trak has grown to offer numerous types of gymnastic accessories and to also include dance equipment. The intervening years have also seen Tumbl Trak build itself a reputation in product innovation and exceptional customer service.

Recently the Tumbl Trak name arrived to Europe and with it came the opportunity to collaborate with Dinamica Ballet. We are exceptionally proud to be supplying an exceptional company with our ballet barres.

Tumble Trak now joins us as a distributor of Dinamica Ballet products.

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