The UK is home to some of the finest dance conservatoires in the world and one of these is the London Contemporary Dance School. As the school that forms part of The Place (a centre for contemporary dance), it has led internationally renowned under and post graduate programmes for over 40 years.

A big reputation brings with it high expectations and so when The Place required new portable ballet barres, the centre was deserving of only the best ballet equipment available.

After a period of hands on teacher and student assessment of our equipment, the Place decided to acquire nine of our MAURICE portable ballet barres to complement their fine studio spaces.

Dinamica Ballet are immensely proud to provide one of the leading dance conservatoires of the UK with our portable ballet barres. We´d also like to express our gratitude in the hospitality they showed when Dinamica Ballet and The Place met in London. Thanks to The Place, the MAURICE portable ballet barre has now reached the shores of the UK.

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