This prestigious dance company of the Bordeaux Theatre offers a variety of neoclassical choreographies deserving the historical inheritance of one of the most important artistic production centres in France.

The Bordeaux National Opera, the second most important of the country, hosts one of the youngest dance groups in the world, which is known everywhere thanks to its several awards and international tours conducted by the former Star Charles Jude.

The quality and features of our ISA mobile bar meet the requirements of the most ambitious and established customers. These classical dance bars, which have a height adjustable bar, can be used from both sides, which allow making the most of one’s available space. In addition, the fact that our mobile dance bars have castors, makes it easier to move it from one hall to another, which is ideal for stages and tours.

We are very pleased to offer Dinamica Ballet products to dance companies whose know-how is acknowledged at the best international stages.

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