Riding an exercise bike for fifteen minutes at the gym and then enjoying the reward of a hamburger or two with a double serving of cheese, is one of my favourite work outs. But for those of you who feel exercise should be a physically rewarding activity that leaves you better off, then Piloxing® Barre may be for you.

Recently, Studio Ritmo of Germany hosted a free Piloxing® Barre open day for its members. The event was lead by studio owner and official Piloxing® Barre instructor, Peter Simon and visiting instructor, Eva Moltrasio. Our PINA freestanding ballet barres were used for this enjoyably physical work out. So did our barres pass the stress test? Here’s what studio owner Peter Simon had to say:

“We’re very pleased with the three PINA ballet barres we have here in the studio… The quality of the product is very good and especially useful with our Piloxing® Barre…”

Thanks Peter! We at Dinamica Ballet wish Studio Ritmo every success for the future.

P.S. If you’re wondering what is Piloxing® Barre, then picture the ballerina Anna Pavlova punching uppercuts and throwing hooks…..

If this incredibly bad analogy isn’t very clear, you can always click here to learn more about Piloxing® Barre

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