Balletto di Roma project

Balletto di Roma project

Conceived by two of Italy’s great icons of stage, Franca Bartolomei and Walter Zappolini created the Balletto di Roma in 1960 with the desire to enhance and promote Italian dance.

Located in the capital, the Balletto di Roma is the leading production house of ballet in Italy. Over the last ten years they have been responsible for more than 950 performances throughout the peninsula, with more than 390´000 people in attendance and a number of international tours across the world.

In 2012, Balletto di Roma grew to also become an educational institute, with the opening of their first school. Dinamica Ballet provided the ARABESQUE-DOUBLE to fit out the new dance studios with a double row of wall mounted ballet barres. Together, the ballet company and school create an active synergy of training and performance, sowing the seeds and nurturing future talent.

Balletto di Roma is proudly fulfilling the founding fathers’ dreams and growing into the very lifeblood of ballet in Italy.

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