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Our FIGAROs are wall mounted top security dance studio mirrors that can be used to create a wall to wall reflective surface for your space. Perfect for performers needing to observe themselves for technique improvement or even just for adding aesthetic appeal to a studio, the FIGARO is a warp free, full body size mirror.




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Measuring 200cm in height and 100cm in width, the FIGARO provides a generously sized reflective surface. In addition, the dance studio mirror has been created with side by side mounting in mind. The mirror frame is thin so that only a minimal reflective disturbance is caused between one mirror to the next.


The glass of the FIGARO is held within an aluminium structure that frames the entire length and width of the mirror and works as the support for mounting on a wall. The mirror is hung via two custom metal brackets. These low profile pieces slot into the frame of the mirror and hold it firmly and close to the wall. This practical system also allows you to easily dismount the mirror if the need should one day arise.


The FIGARO has a security film applied in its construction to make the mirror safe in case of accidental damage. The film serves to prevent broken glass shards from breaking free from the mirror and causing harm. For added peace of mind, the mounting brackets are made of galvanized steel so that they won’t rust, keeping your FIGARO firmly hanging on your wall, year after year.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

Technical Info & Assembly Instructions

Product code: 30591621

FIGARO dance mirror tech sheet

  • Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 2.5 cm.
  • Aluminium frame: 45 x 25 mm.
  • Thickness of mirror: 4 mm.
  • Total weight: 27 kg.


Assembly Instructions


Download assembly instructions

FAssembly instructions

Download assembly instructions

Assembly instuctions for the FIGARO dance mirror

FIGARO dance mirror instructions

1. Before fixing the mirror to the wall, measure and mark the location for its installation. Ensure the distance between the ground and the top of the mirror is no less than the 2 m height of the mirror itself.

2. Accurately mark the positions for the supports (A) according to the width and height dimensions shown in the diagram. These should be 130 x 66 mm in from the upper corners of the intended position of the mirror.

3. Using the supports as a guide, mark and then drill the four 6 mm ø holes required to attach the brackets to the walls.

4. Insert the S6 plugs into the holes and fix the brackets to the walls with the provided screws.

5. Lift the mirror and slowly lower it down over the top of the brackets. The brackets will slide into the slots at the back of the

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