Swedish born Viveca Jensen has accomplished many things in her lifetime. She has been a dancer for the acclaimed Stockholm Ballet Academy, a Pilates instructor, a bodybuilder and a trained boxer! With these broad personal experiences, Viveca devised the Piloxing workout. As the name goes some way in describing, the method is based on an infusion of Pilates and boxing. But don´t imagine her workout as a sort of novelty cross-over of disciplines, because the main inspiration behind Piloxing is Viveca´s belief that fitness is physically and mentally empowering.

A programme of Piloxing is one of the best forms of calorie burning, lean muscle building, stamina increasing workouts around, but this hasn´t led to Viveca resting on her laurels. Originally established in 2009, Viveca has continued to research and develop her exercise technique which has led to her introducing a further two workouts. Between 2014 and 2015, Piloxing Barre and Piloxing Knockout joined the original Piloxing cardio workout.

With regular invitations to television programmes and numerous articles in print, Viveca and Piloxing have been sort after the world over. In response to the demand, the Piloxing Academy was established in May 2010 to educate and licence fitness professionals. At last count, Piloxing instructors can now be found in over fifty different countries!

Piloxing and the charismatic and savvy Viveca Jenson continue to capture the imagination of people across the world. Dinamica Ballet have no doubt that there will be a lot more to come from this exciting and rewarding workout.



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