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Mobile dance mirror BILLY

Mobile dance mirror Billy

The mobile dance mirror BILLY is a beautiful, practical and professional quality product from Dinamica Ballet. Suitable for use in a number of different environments, the BILLY is easy to move around and just as easy to fix in a set position. Designed with a number of clever features, we’re confident you won’t find a better dance mirror.


Standing vertically, the mirror is attached without any inclination to give the user a true image. To achieve stability, a concave wheelbase cradles the mirror and lowers the centre of gravity, eliminating the chances of the mirror toppling over.

Easy to move

With robust swivel wheels and lockable brakes, our mobile dance mirror will be easy to move around and just as easy to place in a fixed position. The wheels are quiet and smooth rolling and made from materials intentionally designed to avoid marking or damaging your floors. Each BILLY comes with handles on the back so you won’t need to touch the glass as you move it about.

You can place multiple BILLYs side by side to create a single continuous mirror surface thanks to the glass being mounted without any vertical framing. To ensure your mirrors are aligned when next to each other, we provide you with a locking device that allows you to connect one mirror to the next.


The BILLY is certified “MIROX safe” to reduce the risk of harm in the unfortunate situation of the glass being damaged. A polypropylene film adheres the mirror to its backing board so if the mirror is broken, the glass shards will remain attached in place and not fall onto the user.

We’re sure you’ll find the BILLY an outstanding mobile dance mirror that will compliment the versatility of your space. You can be confident that you’re investing in a premium quality product that will last you for many years to come.

Mobile dance mirror BILLY



  • Vertical with no inclination.
  • Can connect to other BILLYs to form one continuous mirror surface.
  • Locking device included for aligning connected mirrors.

Mobility and safety

  • Quiet, smooth rolling, swivel wheels with lockable brakes.
  • Handles on back for convenience when moving mirror.
  • Concave wheelbase eliminates chances of mirror toppling over.
  • Certified “MIROX safe” protection film on glass for extra safety.

Download full technical sheet

Mobile dance mirror BILLY

Product code: 30590921

BILLY tech sheet

  • Height including wheelbase: 190 cm.
  • Height of mirror only: 180 cm.
  • Width: 100 cm.
  • Mirror thickness: 5 mm.
  • Weight: 53 kg.
  • Back panel dimensions: 182 x 100 cm.

Download assembly instructions

Assembly instructions for the BILLY mobile dance mirror


Important information

Due to the weight and potential damage to the mirror, this product should be assembled by two people. The steps below should be followed closely.


1. Lay the mirror face down on a table or raised surface. Ensure the mirror face is adequately protected from potential damage. Allow the foot of the mirror to overhang your working surface to give space for the wheelbase assembly.



2. Push the mounting struts of the wheelbase into the metal guidance rails until the screw-openings of both parts align.



3. Twist the hand screws into the openings and tightly fasten the floor module to the mirror.



4. After the two parts have been firmly attached, carefully stand the assembled mirror on to the floor with the assistance of a second person. This should now allow you to move the mirror easily.



5. To change the height of the castors, unscrew nut A, and repeat the procedure on all other castors.



6. After making the adjustments, secure the changes by tightening nut B to the top of the thread.



7. Ensure that the settings match your desired angle for the mirror to the floor.


To join two mirrors

1. Push the mirrors together side by side.



2. Place the clasps on the top and the bottom of the adjacent mirrors to lock them together. Billyi

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