I think the ballerina Maria Tallchief was right when she said,

“… perfection is not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

I´m not one to brag, but after my introductory lesson in ballet, I felt I´d achieved perfection. There was nothing left to take away. I´d lost my dignity, my pride and any sense that I was good at dancing. But whether or not I want to persevere with dancing, watch my children practice theirs or decide on joining a workout that uses a barre; perfection can also be achieved with practice, practice and ever so much more practice.

It´s 3am in the morning and you´ve got the munchies for some training. Sound familiar? I’m sure we’ve all been there before….. right?…. right?! For some bizarre reason, studios aren’t open 24/7. The next best thing to training on a ballet barre is a chair from the living room. But this option is the equivalent of describing mud as the ‘next best thing’ to chocolate ice-cream. Would you really be satisfied eating a cone full of brown moist dirt as a summer treat?

Yum! I´ll take a double scoop.

Yum! I´ll take a double scoop.

Let me throw an idea out there:

What if you could have a professional quality ballet barre in your home?

Are you salivating from the mouth in excitement? The idea is as mind blowing as the twist at the end of the Sixth Sense  (*spoiler alert*). It´s not just that you could train better and more often, but you could do it ALL FROM HOME. Well here´s the deal…. now you can!

The PRIMA is a practical and beautiful ballet barre designed specifically for home use.

Prima Ballet Barre

A Prima Barre ready for an early morning workout

“But hey”, I hear your say,

“I was kind of getting use to the feel of the wood from my living room chair”.

Use that chair for its intended purposes. You may need to sit down for the next thing I´m going to tell you. The PRIMA is equipped with the same wooden bar as Dinamica Ballet use on their professional range of ballet barres.

Stop sitting down and go danicing

You can go back to sitting on these

But if your children have been bitten by the “dance bug”, then there is an extra special barre that Dinamica Ballet also produces. The ISA is height adjustable and can drop down for the little ´ens and increase in height as they grow older and inevitably taller. So unlike that endless cycle of purchasing new clothes to replace the ones your children have out grown, the ISA can be with them forever. And I tell you what, they won’t wear holes in it like they do with their trousers.

Booty Barre, Piloxing Barre, Barre Toned, and so on…

Do you notice any pattern here? Workouts that use a ballet barre in their routine are now as popular as “Happy” by Pharell Williams. Dinamica Ballet´s range of barres gives you the chance to happily continue exercising at home. Now you can work-out on your very own barre AND watch that 24hr music video version of “Happy” from your own living room.

So…..relax, put on your pyjamas, (the “flannel zebra jammies”), set our barre up in a room of your choice and practice,practice, practice.


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