Hot Barre


The marketing of deodorants would have us believe that any form of perspiration is something to be disgusted by. There is simply nothing more unappealing, soul destroying and confidence sapping, than sweating. Surely it’s better to walk around naked and be arrested and put in jail, than it is to wear clothing and develop a sweat patch under the arm pits. Yuck! But a new form of barre workout is turning this “truism” on its head.

Before I go any further, I’d like to state I am one of the hundreds of billions of people in the world who actually sweats. I am also one of those who realise that instead of considering perspiration as an undesirable by-product of physical activity, I understand that it’s actually an important function of the body in trying to keep cool.

Practitioners of Hot Barre workouts also understand this.  In fact they go further, by believing that sweating helps to detox the body. So what is Hot Barre? Put simply, it’s a barre workout in a room that is heated to 40ºC. All those exercises on a ballet barre that aim to improve your balance, strength, stamina and flexibility, are done in searing heat that is then said to bring on a natural high. To be honest, if I survived a Hot Barre workout, naturally, I would be feeling high!

So if the idea of sharing an enclosed space with a number of sweaty bodies appeals to you, then get yourself along to a Hot Barre workout. Alternatively, if reading this has given you the heebie-jeebies, I suggest you step away from your computer now and take a very long cold shower.

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