Portable ballet barres

Height adjustable double ballet barre Giselle

Height adjustable double ballet barre Giselle

The GISELLE is our new portable ballet barre. It comes with a double row of wooden beams that are height adjustable to ten different positions. GISELLE is ideal for dancers of all ages and statures and is easy to move and uncompromising on our commitment to sturdy, balanced and stable ballet barres. It has wide, flat bases that come with the option of with or without wheels. You are also given the choice of 2 m or 3 m length wooden beams.

The most versatile ballet barre

The distance between the two wooden beams is 19 cm and there are ten selectable heights which makes the GISELLE one of our most versatile ballet barres. Setting both uprights is easy thanks to the clear numbering and in addition, an easy-grip bolt used to screw-lock your height selection ensures the uprights are safely locked in position. We’ve managed to give the GISELLE an incredible 27 cm span between the minimum and the maximum height and even when set at its highest position, the barre remains stable.


With or without wheels. Two versions both easy to move

Easy to move around a space, the GISELLE comes with or without wheels. The wheeled version can be moved by tilting and then rolling the barre into a desired location. Alternatively, the non-wheeled version is lighter so that users can lift the barre to change its position. Whatever you choose, the portable ballet barre won’t damage or mark your floors.


Wooden barres, great grip and strength

Although the feet and uprights are steel, the bars themselves are of wood. Our pine wood bars are strong and durable and delivered unvarnished to improve the grip for the user. The edges have been smoothly finished to avoid any unnecessary harm. Our wooden bars have been strength tested in a lab and their resistance and elasticity have been certified by LERMA (Laboratori d’elasticitat I resistència de materials). You can be certain that the GISELLE can stand the test of even the most robust barre workouts!


Long life to the Giselle 

The steel bases and uprights are in epoxy coated silver. The bars are clamped into the uprights and not attached by screws, avoiding the need to drill holes into the wood. This also gives the added benefit of allowing you to easily disassemble the GISELLE for storage or long-distance transportation.

GISELLE Height adjustable double ballet barre


Wooden bars

  • Two Southern yellow pine bars included (smoothed and unvarnished).
  • Choice of 2 or 3 metre wooden bars.
  • Wooden bars clamped into uprights for easy disassembly for storage and transport.

Bases and uprights

  • Steel bases with the option of wheels or no wheels.
  • Upright with 10 adjustable heights.
  • Steel uprights and bases in epoxy coated silver.


Height adjustable double ballet barre GISELLE

Product code: 30592022 2 m bars without wheels
Product code: 30592021 3 m bars without wheels
Product code: 30591922 2 m bars with wheels
Product code: 30591921 3 m bars with wheels

3 m version with wheels:

Adjustable to 10 different heights:

  • Minimum height (with wheels): lower bar 69.5 (70.5) cm, upper bar 92.5 (93.5) cm.
  • Maximum height (with wheels): lower bar 96.5 (97.5) cm, upper bar 119.5 (120.5) cm.
  • Distance between bars: 19 cm
  • Diameter of uprights: 50 mm
  • Diameter of bars: 40 mm
  • Base dimensions (with wheels): 39.5 x 32 x 1 (2) cm
  • Total weight without wheels: 34 kg (or 36 kg with 3 metre bars)
  • Total weight with wheels: 53 kg (or 55 kg with 3 metre bars)
  • Standard length of wooden bars: 2 m or 3 m.

The GISELLE is designed for wooden bars with a diameter of 40 mm.

We recommend a maximum distance between supports of 2.3 m.



Assembly instructions for the GISELLE height adjustable double ballet barre

1. Lay the steel upright on one side. Attach the base into the upright with the bolt and tighten with the Allen key provided.

2. Unscrew and set the the barre to it´s minimum height. Remove screws from upper and lower plates.

3. Remove screws from upper and lower plates.


4. Once in position, reinsert screws into the plates and tighten with the Allen key provided.

Maurice - Paso 3

Important information

When moving the barre, tilt the uprights to a 45 degree angle to ensure the wheels are in full contact with the ground. This will prevent damage to your floor and the rubber stoppers on the bases. Also always ensure that both uprights are tilted at the same angle, to avoid twisting and damaging the wooden bars.

Maurice - Paso 4

Barres without wheels have been made lighter and should be lifted off the floor when moving.



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