Floor mounted ballet barres

Height adjustable floor mounted double ballet barre Giselle-fix

Barra de ballet regulable doble fixa a terra Giselle-fix

The Giselle-Fix is ​​the most adaptable fixed floor ballet barre we have designed. It allows you to create spaces with a continuous row of double bars and to set these to 10 different heights for dancers of all stature.

The floor barre that suits everyone

With a distance of 19 cm separating the two bars and the option of 10 different heights to choose from, the Giselle-Fix is suitable for users of any height. The mechanism used for raising and lowering the barre is designed to allow quick adjustments and offers a total range of 27 centimeters from the minimum to the maximum position. The bases and uprights are made of steel, finished in silver epoxy.


Continuous and functional spaces

All Dinamica Ballet supports are designed to maximize their practicality and functionality. We have developed the bases to give absolute stability using the minimum possible size. This allows the Giselle-Fix to be placed very close to your studio wall or mirror and thus leave you a more unobstructed, open space. The supports utilise a fully enclosed “saddle” to hold the wooden bars in place which distributes the pressure applied to the bar and guarantees maximum resistance in high intensity exercises. In addition, these “saddles” allow the joining of two wooden bars  without the need for screws that damage the wood; With the Giselle Fix you can create large spaces of double height adjustable bars.


Wooden bars for a natural feel and optimal support

The Giselle-Fix allows the use of two wooden bars 40 mm in diameter. The southern yellow pine wood that we use at Dinamica Ballet offers great resistance with slight flexibility and a pleasant and warm touch. The wood for our bars is sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests and each bar is cut from a single piece of wood which is then smoothly finished. 

SKU: 3059072

  • Bases and uprights made of steel
  • Adjustable to 10 different heights
  • Distance between the top and bottom bar: 19 cm
  • Distance between minimum (1) and maximum (10) position: 27 cm
  • Minimum position height (1): Lower bar 68.5 cm. Top bar 91.5 cm
  • Maximum position height (10): Lower bar 95.5 cm. Upper bar 118.5 cm
  • Base measurements: 18cm x 10cm x 0.6cm
  • Measures of the support plate: 20cm x 8.5cm
  • Column diameter: 50 mm
  • Total weight of a support without wooden bars: 6.5 kg
  • Includes 4 hexagonal anchor bolts measuring M10 x100mm
  • 8 screws DIN 7991 M-6 ×16 A2 stainless steel  and Allen key to fix the plates included              

Wooden bars: 

  • bar diameter: 40 mm
  • Fusta de pi Melis del sur sense envernissar.
  • Standard bar lenght: 1 m, 1 ½ m, 2 m o 3 m. For custom measures, please contact us.
  • Wooden bar weight:
    • 1 m – 1 kg,
    • 1 ½ m – 1 ½ kg
    • 2 m – 2 kg
    • 3 m – 3 kg


Assembly Instructions | Fix floor supports

Download instructions


1. The support is fixed to the ground with the 4 hexagon screw anchors included. You will need a professional drill and a 12 mm drill bit. We recommend the help of a professional for installation. Inside the box you will also find small screws to secure the wooden bar inside the cradle.

2. Place the supports in the position of the room you wish to install them, ensuring that the maximum distance between each one does not surpass 2 metres. Mark the 4 points per support on the ground for the holes of the screw anchors. Drill 4 holes approximately 12 cm deep at the points you have marked on the ground. Insert the hexagon screws through the base and tighten them firmly.

3. Loosen the 4 small screws of the cradle with the Allen key provided and insert the wooden bar. Place it in the desired position and adjust all the screws making sure that the wooden bar is firmly held inside the cradle. To join two wooden bars on a single support, insert a bar at each end of the cradle so that they meet in the centre.


Download instructions

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