Floor mounted ballet barres

Floor mounted double ballet barre Pina-fix

Floor mounted double ballet bar Pina-fix Dinamica Ballet

The Pina-fix is a floor mounted, single column support, designed to hold a double row of wooden bars. Unlike other supports, the Pina-fix does not rely on having any additional securing arms that require fastening to a wall to give it stability. Its robust build, solid anchorage and double row of wooden bars, make it suitable for a broad range of uses.

Continuous barres

Each cradle hold of the PINA-FIX is wide enough to join two wooden bars at the support. This feature offers two distinct advantages over most other floor mounted ballet bars. Firstly, it allows you to install a continuous barres within your space, without any gaps between one wooden beam to the next. Secondly, it reduces the number of supports you need to hold up your bars. We offer a range of different length wooden beams for the PINA-FIX.


Flexible use

The Pina-fix closed cradle means it can resist users pulling and pushing on the bar from any angle. Many basic floor mounted bars have an open cradle design which can only tolerate pressure from the top down. On these types of uprights, any exercises that involve pulling, risks ripping out the wooden beam. With the closed cradle design, this is impossible. In addition, the support is secured to the ground with four solid screw anchors so that you can be certain the PINA-FIX won’t work loose from its fixture.

Despite the robust floor attachments, the dimension of the support base is remarkably small, giving you the opportunity to secure your upright as close as you desire to the wall. Thanks to this design flexibility, your Pina-fix also works in conjunction with all of our wall brackets. So you can have continuous barres that pass between both floor uprights and wall brackets.


Designed to last

Dinamica Ballet prides itself on creating premium quality, durable equipment. We’ve designed the PINA-FIX to have the wooden bars clamp into the support and not attached by screws, avoiding the need to drill holes into the wood which could lead to cracking over time. Combined with the silver epoxy coating of the steel support, your Pina-fix will stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Floor mounted double ballet bar PINA-FIX


  • Each upright can join four wooden bars


  • Wooden bars clamped into uprights to avoid wood cracking
  • Closed cradle to ensure wooden bars won’t tear free during use, unlike other standard ballet barres

Pina fix

  • Choice of 1, 1½, 2 and 3 metre long wooden bars. Custom lengths also available.
  • Steel uprights in epoxy coated silver for extra scratch resistance
  • Four 70mm hexagon screw anchors included for floor mounting

Can work in conjunction with our wall brackets

Download full technical sheet

Floor mounted double ballet bar PINA-FIX

Product code: 30590221

Pina-Fix tech sheet

  • Height: Floor-Upper bar 101 cm.
  • Height: Floor-Lower bar 77.5 cm
  • Distance between bars: 19 cm.
  • Diameter of upright: 50 mm.
  • Base dimensions: 18 x 10 x 0.6 cm.
  • Weight: 5.75 kg.


  • 4 Hexagon screw anchors of M 10 x 100

The PINA-FIX is designed for wooden bars with a diameter of 40 mm.

We recommend a maximum distance between supports of 2 m.


Wooden bars

  • Fine Southern yellow pinewood (Smoothed and unvarnished)
  • Standard lengths: 1 m, 1½ m, 2 m or 3 m.
  • Diameter: 40 mm.
  • Weight: 1 m – 1 kg, 1½ m – 1½ kg, 2 m – 2 kg, 3 m – 3 kg.

Floor mounted double ballet bar PINA-FIX


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