Fit Mamas help mothers after pregnancy

Having children is significantly life changing for parents and especially so for a mother. Not only do women experience the changes to their lifestyles, but they also experience physical changes to their bodies. Fit Mamas of Germany understand this and try to help mothers with their physical recuperation and balancing of their new lifestyle.

Fit Mamas offer the opportunity for women to exercise and workout accompanied by their children. They tailor exercises to please both mother and child, encouraging the philosophy of fitness as a family affair. Their workouts also give the chance for mothers to meet other mothers.

Importantly, Fit Mamas understand that some woman may feel shy about their bodies after pregnancy. They aim to help mothers achieve whatever physical goals they set themselves, all provided within a comfortable, encouraging and positive environment.

Dinamica Ballet’s PINA freestanding ballet barres are now helping the mothers and children at Fit Mamas.

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