A number of doctors have expressed their concerns about the growing amount of young dancers injuring themselves whilst trying to copy extreme stretches they have seen online.

In the belief that these exercises are improving their flexibility, many aspiring performers are causing themselves career ending injuries. Statistics have shown a disturbing jump in hip and back problems with dancers between the ages of eleven to fourteen.

Many issues stem from dancers attempting to mix moves and positions from different disciplines. What they sometimes fail to realise is that every discipline requires extensive professional training over many years. Picking and choosing elements from one to apply to another, without the correct training, can be dangerous.

“No pain, no gain” was never meant to be the mantra for physical exercise. There is a reason why the body sends pain signals to the mind, as it acts as a warning that something being done to the body is causing harm and that it should be stopped.

Before you start copying extreme stretches online, ask yourself this: “Do I really want to risk causing myself a serious injury?”

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