The well established company Gärtner Internationale Möbel located in Hamburg/Germany, experts in the furnishing business, chose products from Dinamica Ballet for one of their projects. In particular several models of our dance mirror “BILLY” were ordered for the Projekt „Tor zur Welt“ in Hamburg, which is being implemented in the context of the IBA Hamburg, a large Architecture Exhibition. The project is a big education centre, which is being built in the middle of Hamburg’s district Wilhelmsburg.

The Project “Tor zur Welt” includes several facilities and schools that offer a wide range of educational opportunities, which go far beyond the normal school education. Furthermore, the overall concept of the projects aim is to create a social centre of the district Wilhelmsburg and to improve the intercultural coexistence of the multi-cultural area with its share of the population with a migration background of over 55% and even over 70% among the youth. Especially the young people are supposed to benefit from this project, with its name that literally means “Gateway to the World” which stands symbolically for education as their chance for the future.

Thanks to our dance mirrors, Dinamica Ballet is very happy to be a little part of this ambitious project and we wish all who are involved good success in the future!


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