Dinamica Ballet National Opera Paris


For ballet lovers the Garnier Palace is not just an elegant new baroque theatre located at the heart of Paris, its also considered by many people as the “temple of choreographic and lyrical inheritance”, in which some of the most important pages of classical ballet history have been written, or better danced, with the scenery of the Paris National Opera in their background.

The new Opera, the Garnier Palace, was opened on the 5th of January 1875, with its origin dating back to 1661 when Louis XIV founded the Royal Academy of Dance. Nowadays its purpose is to bring the lyrical and choreographic inheritance pieces closer to the public, as well as to contribute to the creation and performance of contemporary works. Among the most famous works created at the opera are: The Sicilian Vespers, Notre Dame of Paris and The Phantom of the Opera. The introduction of modern ballet to the stage by Jean-Georges Noverre as well as La Sylphide, the first ballet to be danced in white tutus, have established the Paris Opera as a worldwide prestigious theatre.

It’s an honour for Dinàmica Ballet that such a prestigious theatre has chosen our bars among their equipment for ballet and we are proud to be a part of one of the most famous and respected ballets in the world: Le Ballet de l’Opéra

From this year on, our ballet barre “ISA” will be available to the members of this excellent ballet company: 154 dancers, 18 stars and 16 prima ballerinas.

The fact that the Ballet Master of this dance company chose our mobile ballet bars shows once more, the quality and elegance of Dinàmica Ballet products, which makes us proud as we contribute to the technical preparation of this prestigious ballet company.


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