Dance Studio Mirrors

Our ballet mirrors provide a full body size reflective surface. They’ve been built to allow you to place them side by side to give a continuous reflective surface, making them perfect for studios. We provide you with practical and safe, warp free mirrors and the choice of wall mounted or mobile mirrors.

Our FIGAROs are wall mounted dance studio mirrors that can be used to create a wall to wall reflective surface for your space. Perfect for performers needing to observe themselves for technique improvement or even just for adding aesthetic appeal to a studio, the FIGARO is a warp free, full body size mirror.

The mobile dance mirror BILLY is a beautiful, practical and professional quality product from Dinamica Ballet. Suitable for use in a number of different environments, the BILLY is easy to move around and just as easy to fix in a set position. Designed with a number of clever features, we’re confident you won’t find a better dance mirror.

Dance Studio Mirrors Figaro


Full size wall mounted studio mirror

Dance Studio Mirrors Billy


Mobile dance mirror with wheels

Dance Studio Mirrors Billy


NEW: Professional studio mirror compatible with Arabesque wall mounted barres

Dance Studio Mirrors Billy


NEW: Professional grid pattern mirror Boris

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