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The Amadeus is a mirror designed to work in harmony with our fixed wall mounted ballet barres. Thanks to a specially crafted opening through the glass and backing, the Amadeus can be installed in conjunction with our Arabesque Single or Double wall brackets. Available as either a 2 x 1 or 1.7 x 1 metre mirror, the Amadeus is warp-free and can work in combination with a number of our other products.

A Solution to a problem

A combined mirror and barre set up is essential for a dance studio and yet practical solutions on the market are hard to come by. Either it requires finding an experienced glazier to carefully cut holes in your mirrors so that you can attach the brackets for your wall mounted ballet barres, or it involves purchasing a set of floor mounted barres.

This is why Dinamica Ballet have developed the Amadeus. We understand that most customers don’t want to risk cracking their mirrors or may not wish to make alterations to their expensive dance floor to install ballet barres. The Amadeus provides a practical ready-made solution so that you can have both mirror and barres attached to your walls, creating the optimal studio for your needs.


How does it work?

Our design and manufacturing techniques have produced a mirror with a framed cutaway that does not weaken the overall structural integrity of the Amadeus. Through the cutaway, the supports for your ballet barres are attached directly on the wall behind. This means no extra pressure on the mirror and a safe and secure ballet barre installation . To round things off, we also provide a silver or black backing sheet to match the colour of the support you choose from us so that your barres can blend in nicely with whatever wall you attach them to.



You have a choice of installing the Amadeus with our Arabesque Single or Double wall mounted ballet barres and the possibility of combining these with the Twist bar-end wall support. And for those of you needing a mirror to help with posture, we also offer the option of a 10 x 5 cm grid pattern being added to the surface of your mirror. (only available on request). The Amadeus can also be used with our standard Figaro mirrors to create extensive mirror and ballet barre installations.


Why the Amadeus

We want to provide you with a practical way of creating a combined mirror and ballet barre installation. We also want to give you the chance to mix and match from our extensive product range. The mirrors, supports and wooden bars are all sold separately so that you can choose the appropriate equipment to suit your space. With the Amadeus, creating your desired studio has never been easier.

Main features

  • Mirror dimensions: 200 x 100 x 2.5 cm, 170 x 100 x 2.5 cm
  • Dimensions of opening: 10 x 20 cm
  • Mirror thickness: 4 mm
  • Aluminium frame: 45 x 25 mm
  • Includes steel brackets for secure mounting
  • Aluminium frame: 45 x 25 mm
  • Total weight (200 x 100cm): 27 kg
  • Safety certificate European standard EN 60601-1
  • Option of 10 x 5 cm grid pattern on surface
  • Simple installation
  • Screws included


  • Product code (SKU) 200×100 cm: 30592121
  • Product code (SKU) 170×100 cm: 30592122
  • Product code (SKU) 200×100 cm black frame: 30592131
  • Product code (SKU) 170×100 cm black frame: 30592132


Weight without packaging

  • Amadeus 1700 x 1000: 25 Kg
  • Amadeus 2000 x 1000: 29 kg


Weight with packaging

  • Amadeus 1700 x 1000: 31 kg
  • Amadeus 2000 x 1000: 36 kg

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