With the exception of bored children lazing on the sofa, all of us could do with having more time. “Time” seems to be THE reason that prevents us from doing more of what we want and I´m sure if we all had more time, gyms across the world would be heaving with people working out.

BARREtoned of the UK recognise this and to help those of us who don´t have the time to make it to their studio workout, they´ve created a series of online video classes.

BARREtoned preview

The BARREtoned workout technique has drawn inspiration from the Lotte Berk Method and helps people achieve lean muscles, improved posture, increased flexibility and improved energy levels.

You can see in the online classes that the instructors use our PRIMA ballet barres. These light, portable and sturdy barres are perfect for anyone who wants to workout from home. The PRIMA is very easy to move from one room to another and with its high quality, smooth wooden bar, it´s also very pleasant and comfortable to use.

Thanks to BARREtoned, “time” will no longer be a reason for not working out!


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