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Bar-end wall support TWIST

Bar-end wall ballet support Twist Dinamica Ballet

The TWIST is a bar-end wall support that allows you to attach your ballet barres between two inward facing surfaces or to connect the end of your ballet barre to a perpendicular wall. As with all of our fixed supports, the TWIST is a closed saddle design, making it suitable for dance as well as vigorous barre fitness workouts.


An alternative support

Standard ballet barre brackets are normally attached to the wall that runs parallel to the wooden beams. This set-up is fine for spaces that have flat and unobstructed walls, but what if you want to install ballet barres in a space where you need to contend with ceiling support columns or wall enclaves? 

The TWIST has been produced with this dilemma in mind. When you don’t have the option of attaching conventional wall supports, the TWIST allows you to install a ballet barre between two inward facing walls or columns, as it connects to the end of your wooden bars. Additionally, it can also resolve your ballet barre installation in the corners of your studio. When you have ballet barres that that stretch across a wall and end in a corner of your room, you can add a TWIST to gain the additional support from the perpendicular wall.


Clean design

The TWIST can work in conjunction with all of our fixed ballet barres, from our wall brackets to our floor mounted barres. With its minimally sized mounting plate, its a neat and tidy solution to a number of tricky studio spaces.


Our barres for your studio

At Dinamica Ballet, we want to provide you with products that allow you to fully utilize your studio space. We believe that dance equipment should be made to fit your needs with  minimum hassle and little alterations to your space. With the addition of the TWIST bar-end wall support, finding the right equipment to make your space into the perfect dance or fitness studio is now one step closer.

Bar-end support Twist

  • Support weight: 200 grams
  • Steel plate finished in silver or black
  • Designed for 40 mm wood bars

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